Soaping Supplies available in Thornhill (Toronto) Ontario ON

We have lots of molds, packaging, raw materials, scents, etc. to make bath and body products. Here's your chance to buy small quantities of soaping supplies at wholesale prices! If you are looking for something that's not on this page, just e-mail us and ask - we may have it and just haven't posted it. We are also on the lookout for coop partners in the GTA to buy bottles, boxes, oils, scents, vitamins, antioxidants, and other supplies.

We will remove items from this page as we sell them. The prices are asking prices in Canadian dollars. We will accept cash, credit cards (in $US only) and PayPal (in $US or $Cdn). We are very interested in any offers. Pick up or ship at your cost. E-mail questions and offers to, or e-mail your phone number to us and we can phone you.

We are also selling fragrance oils and furniture and other household items.

2 lb Soap Mold $15

Creekside mold 7" x 3.25" x 3.25" with lid.

4 lb Soap Mold $20

Creekside mold 14" x 3.25" x 3.25" with lid.

12" Soap Mold $22

Soap Goat woodend mold. 4 lb. 12" x 3.5" x 3".

6 Assorted Soap Molds $95/lot

2 Wholesale Supplies Plus nine cavity molds.

1 Wholesale Supplies Plus 13" long mold.

1 Martin Creative 9" loaf mold.

1 Martin Creative 12" loaf mold.

1 Chase loaf style bar flex mold up to 6 oz one sheet with four molds on sheet 4" x 2.625" x 1".

Assorted candy molds.

Will sell individually.

Half Moon Cavity Soap Molds $5.50 each or $22/lot

5 * half moon soap molds from Tony's Fragrance and Supplies. Like new. Each mold yields 6 soaps weighing aproximately 4.8 - 5 oz. For melt and pour or cold process soaps.

Proform Scallop Mold $45

Makes 11* soaps at a time with 3-D scalloped design on both sides. Includes rack.

* Makes only 11 soaps since one of the openings is cracked near the top edge.

4 and 8 oz Sculpted Round Bottles with Caps and Pumps

818 * 4 oz sculpted round bottles (38 each)

342 * 8 oz sculpted round bottles (38 each)

62 * white press caps (15 each)

136 * white pumps (72 each)

76 * white spray pumps with lid (not pictured) (47 each)

(All caps and pumps are 24-410 to fit bottles)

2 oz Bullet Bottle with Black Press Cap 68 each

69 * 2 oz Bullet Bottle (52 each)

49 * Black Press Cap (16 each)

Petit Silver Pump with Lid 48 each

50 * petit silver pump with lid 20-410 (48 each)

4 oz Double Wall Frosted Jar with Lid 70 each

62 * double wall frosted jar (58 each)

152 * gold dome lid (no liner) (12 each)


50 4l jugs distilled water
Double Vertical Soap Mold
2 * 18" Soap Mold
Glycerin Soap
Soap Cutter
48 4 oz Double Wall Frosted Jars with White Dome Lids