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We offer handmade soap, hand made body lotion, homemade body cream, home made body powder, body spray, shower gel, foot scrub, lip balm, and other bath and body products.
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Security and Privacy

We take your security and privacy very seriously. We use the electronic gateway services of Authorize.Net and PayPal, two of the Internet’s best-known payment systems. For your security, we do not store your credit card information. Every time you make a purchase we ask you to re-enter your credit card using a secure connection. You know the connection is secure when the page address starts with https:, and your browser displays an SSL Secured icon like one of these Internet Explorer SSL Secured icon Netscape SSL Secured icon Netscape SSL Secured icon. Please do not put credit card information into an e-mail or any forms other than the credit card information form.

Credit Card Security: Along with your name, credit card number, and expiration date, we also ask you to enter the three to four digit CVV2 code that is printed above the embossed card number on the front of the card, or after the card number printed on the back (on some cards, only the last four digits of your credit card number are repeated on the back, followed by the CVV2 code). We also ask you to enter the address at which you receive your credit card statements into the Bill To of your order. Before accepting your credit card, we verify this information with your card issuer. While these extra verifications can sometimes be inconvenient because they cause legitimate transactions to fail authorization, please keep in mind that we are taking these extra precautions for your protection, to help thwart those who might try to use your credit card without your authorization. If ever you feel that your credit card has been falsely rejected, please phone us and we will help you resolve the problem.

We use the information you put into your account and your orders solely to process your order and to provide customer service. This includes sending e-mail confirmations when your order is received, when your payment is received, and when your order is shipped. We do not use your account information to solicit business. We will never sell or give your personal information to others.

Creating an account in our store does not automatically subscribe you to our newsletter. If you want to receive information about hand made bath and body products, and news about our new products and specials, please subscribe to our newsletter. Our newsletters also contain valuable coupons only available to our newsletter readers. You can always choose to stop receiving our newsletter at any time.

The information in your account is protected by a password. If you choose a login name and password that are easy to guess, then others can log into your account and view your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. However, they will never be able to see your credit card or PayPal information, since we don't store it. To keep your address private, please choose a password that is hard to guess. We recommend that you use two small words separated by a number, like "red4kite".

If you forget your Login Name, we can help you find it. Just send your name and street address to service@lblossom.com and we will e-mail back your Login Name. If you forget your password, enter your Login Name into the Customer Login form and ask for your password to be e-mailed to you. Your password will be e-mailed to the address you specified when you created your account.


Lotus Blossom Inc. accepts payment by MasterCard, Visa, PayPal (where you can use MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks and bank transfers), or check. Sorry, but we do not accept money orders. You will be prompted to choose a payment method during the order checkout process. All our prices are in US Dollars, and if you use one of the on-line methods to process your payment, you will be charged in US dollars. For our Canadian customers, we also accept payments in Canadian funds. This option is only available for payments through PayPal or by Check. We use the currency converter below to calculate the amount. This rate is usually about 2% better than the rate at PayPal or at the bank. To pay in Canadian funds, jump to the Other Payment Methods section.

If you choose to pay with MasterCard or Visa, then our system will prompt you for your credit card information. In addition to the card holder's name, card number, and expiration date, we also verify the CVV2 code and your address in the Bill To. (See credit card security). Payments made by MasterCard or Visa are authorized when you place your order, but we will only charge your card when your order is shipped. Payments by MasterCard or Visa are always in US funds. For those of you who would prefer to phone in your credit card information, see the Other Payment Methods section.

If you choose to pay with PayPal, then you will be redirected to PayPal's site to authorize the payment to us. All the necessary information will be pre-entered for you at PayPal. All you have to do is log in and authorize the payment. PayPal will send you a payment confirmation. After you have authorized your payment, be sure to press the Continue button on PayPal's You made a payment screen. This step is required so PayPal will send us your payment information. You will know that your order was processed successfully when you see our invoice on your screen. You will also receive an automatically generated order confirmation from us by e-mail. Payments made through PayPal are transacted at the time you authorize your payment. If you choose the PayPal option at order checkout, the amount will be in US funds. If you pay using a credit card via PayPal, then your credit card statement will identify your payments to us with LBLOSSOMCOM. We also accept payments through PayPal in Canadian funds. Details are in the Other Payment Methods section.

If you choose to pay with a Check, you will be prompted by our system to enter your check number. We also ask that you write your order number on the front of the check. Make your check payable to Lotus Blossom Inc. and mail it to:

Lotus Blossom Inc.

The check can be in US funds or the equivalent in Canadian Funds (use the currency converter below). Your order will be shipped after your check clears the bank (usually 5 business days after it is received). We will e-mail you when your check is deposited, and again when your order is shipped. In the event that your check is returned by the bank as funds unavailable you will be charged an additional $7.50 (in the currency of the check).

Other Payment Methods: You can also use pay with a Check to pay for your order in a way that is not directly supported by our shopping cart software. For example, using a store credit or sending us a payment in Canadian funds through PayPal. For those of you who don't like to enter your credit card number on-line, or if our credit card approval system does not appear to be functioning correctly, you can also use this option to phone in your credit card information. Here is the full procedure:

  1. During order checkout choose to pay with a Check.
  2. Use the Alternate payment information field to let us know how you plan to pay. For example, tell us the date and amount of a store credit, or that you plan to phone in your credit card information. If you specify that you want to receive a PayPal invoice in Canadian funds, remember to include the e-mail address you use for your PayPal account.
  3. After you press Continue on the screen that prompts for your method of payment, the next screen will prompt you for a check number. Enter check number 1.
  4. We will send you back an appropriate response, like a PayPal invoice in Canadian dollars from our PayPal account orders@lblossom.com.

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Most orders are shipped within two business days. Items are reserved for your order at the time you put them into your shopping basket. Under normal circumstances you should not be able to add an item to your shopping basket unless it's available for immediate shipment. However, in the event that we cannot ship your order complete within three business days we will contact you by e-mail to ask you if you would prefer to wait so we can ship your order complete, or prefer to have us ship only the available items immediately.


Applicable taxes are charged based on the shipping address.

Refunds and Exchanges

We will issue a refund for any items returned in a resalable condition, and we will replace any items with a manufacturing defect. Contact us within 15 days of receiving your order at service@lblossom.com and we will issue you a Return Authorization number. In your e-mail, please state the reason for the return and supply your phone number, in case we need to phone you for additional information.

When returning items, please make sure they are properly packaged and well protected to avoid damage. We will not be able to issue a refund for items damaged during the return due to improper packaging.

We will refund the price of the items plus applicable taxes after they have been received unopened and in a resalable condition. If an item is returned due to a manufacturing defect we will replace it with an identical product. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we cannot issue a refund if the safety seal on the product has been broken.

Refunds do not include the original cost of shipping the items to you. Returns should be shipped prepaid by US or Canada Post, insured for the value of the shipment. In the event you are returning a product due to an error on our part or due to a manufacturing defect, we will refund the cost of returning the product to us, and we will ship any replacement products at our cost.

Refunds will be made in the form of payment you made to us, or by store credit.

Please allow 15 days for us to receive and process your return.

IMPORTANT: Before you send anything back, please contact us at service@lblossom.com so we can resolve the problem to your satisfaction.

All returns should be sent to the following address:

Lotus Blossom Inc.
R/A (Return Authorization number we issued to you)

Returns from the USA should indicate that the package is a return of merchandise.

We do not guarantee orders against loss or damage in transit, however, all orders are insured against this risk by the post office. Although claims for lost or damaged packages are made by the shipper, we need your help to make a claim. Here is the general procedure:

  1. In the case of shipping loss or damage, E-mail us at service@lblossom.com to let us know that your package is missing or damaged.
    IMPORTANT:  Do not ship damaged goods back to us before reporting the damage to the post office, even if the damage appears to be a manufacturing defect. This way we can still make a claim if we subsequently determine that the damage was actually caused in transit. If you don't report the damage before returning the items, the post office will automatically reject any claims for damage caused en-route to you, since they will say the damage may have been caused en-route back to us.
  2. If the package is damaged, it is essential that you report the damage to your local post office. The tracking number you will require for the report is in your order confirmation, but we can supply that number again and any other information you require for the report; just e-mail us. If the box is visibly damaged show the box to the post office before opening it, and take a photograph with a digital camera, if you have one. In any case, keep all the packing materials until the claim has been resolved, since the post office may ask to inspect them before approving a claim.
  3. If items are missing from your order, make a determination as to whether the package appears to have been opened or tampered with, and let us know. Weigh the package with all the packing materials and e-mail that weight to us, so we can compare it to the weight we recorded when it was shipped. If the weights agree and the package wasn't tampered with, then the shortage is most likely a packing error on our part, and we will rectify the problem. Otherwise, report the loss to your local post office and let us know which items were missing, so we can make a claim in the appropriate amount.
  4. If the package is missing, the first step is to track the package using our tracking system. In some areas the post office will only make one attempt to deliver the package to your door, and it may be waiting for you at the post office. Be aware that the post office will require a minimum waiting time  before making a claim (at least a week after the longest possible shipping time, and a little longer during busy periods like Christmas), to allow for the possibility that the package will show up late. If the package arrives late, though, we can still make a claim for the shipping costs.
  5. Depending on the nature of the claim, we will require a reference to the damage report you filed so we can make a claim.
  6. Once the claim has been approved (usually three days), we will issue a refund or a replacement shipment, as you choose.

Terms of Use

Lotus Blossom Inc. reserves the right to change price and availability information without notice and to limit the order quantity of any item. We also reserve the right to verify information prior to accepting an order.

Handmade products vary from item to item, so items you receive may look slightly different from what is pictured in our store. The props used in our photographs are not included with our products.

Disclaimer: Lotus Blossom Inc. does not claim nor warrant that any of its products have medicinal properties. We use only cosmetic and food grade ingredients. We make no claims about the potential benefits of various ingredients. All information in our web site, newsletters and printed materials, and links to information about ingredients and other beauty and health information are for the convenience of our shoppers. The information we provide to our shoppers has been adapted from sources we believe to be reputable and accurate, but Lotus Blossom Inc. makes no claims about the accuracy or currency of the information on our website or the websites we link to. It is the responsibility of the shopper to verify all information using independent sources before relying on it. Lotus Blossom Inc. shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of our products or any information found on our website, our newsletter or printed materials, or websites we are linked to.

While the descriptions on our site highlight the most important ingredients in our products, they do not include every ingredient. A complete ingredient list is supplied with our products other than body bars and decorative soaps. While our ingredients are carefully chosen for their hypoallergenic properties, if you develop a sensitivity to one of our products, please discontinue using it.

Except for portions of the store used under license from third parties, Lotus Blossom Inc. has copyrights to all site design, text, graphics, photos and interfaces, Copyright © 2002-2005 Lotus Blossom Inc. Any use of this site or its components for purposes other than shopping for our products is prohibited.

The lotus blossom logo and logo type (at the top of this page) are proprietary to Lotus Blossom Inc.

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