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[ Full Loaf of Glycerin Soap 4 x ]
Full Loaf of Glycerin Soap 4 x 3
Product Code: DSSoapLoaf4x3
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Almost all of our glycerin soaps are available as uncut loaves. Each glycerin loaf is about 12" x 4" x 2.75" The way we cut them they yield about 12 soaps weighing just over 6.6 oz each. The loaf is ideal for resellers who would like to package our soaps to fit into their line, or retailers with deli-style stores that sell our products by weight.

Net weight: 5 lbs.

Exceptions: Only rectangular soaps that usually cost 5.35 per bar can be ordered using this item.
The Prince Charming soap style by the loaf does not include the frog.

Soap Style: Use this field to specify which one of our regular soap designs (in its usual scent) you want. You can use the product name or product code.

Special Instructions: Use this field if you want to specify a customization, such as the style of one soap with the scent of another soap, or a custom scent. (Customized soaps are non-returnable.)

Shipping Time: Since soap loaves are made-to-order they are usually shipped in 3 to 7 business days, instead of our usual 1 - 3 days. Unless you specify otherwise in the shipping instructions, if your order includes a loaf we will hold your entire order for up to 7 business days so it can be shipped complete.

Body Bars are not available by the loaf: Only our glycerin soaps are available by the loaf. Due to the high amount of cocoa butter in our body bars, they must be cut as soon as they are removed from the mold, before they harden. They must also cure for six weeks before they can be used.

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