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[ Foot Spa Christmas Gift Basket ]
Foot Spa Christmas Gift Basket
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Why not give that special someone a gift to pamper their tootsies this Christmas? This decorative gift basket is ready to put under the tree. It contains (quantities in parentheses):


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(1) Dead Sea Salt Soak Our Foot Soak contains Dead Sea Salt and pink Glacial salt the benefits of Ice Glacial sea mineral crystals provide the essential elements needed for proper functioning and healthy skin. They include sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sulfate. This rich concentration of minerals and other trace elements acts as a catalyst to speed biological healing and regeneration. The active trace elements in the crystals are easily absorbed through the skin during bathing and pass quickly throughout the body’s circulatory system. Bathing with healing crystals has a saluatory effect and healing is accelerated.

Scented with a refreshing combination of rosemary and peppermint.

(1) The Scandinavian-styled Nail Brush with Pumice Stone can be used to smooth calluses on your feet before using the foot scrub.

The gift basket contains a plush Christmas tree ornament. The adorable critters that posed for our photos have already been adopted. The actual critter in your gift basket will vary.

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