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[ Glitz and Glam Gift Bag - GBGl ]
Glitz and Glam Gift Bag
Product Code: GBGlitzAndGlam
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Glimmer and shine for the holidays! This basket contains these glitz and glam bath and body products (quantities are in parentheses):

Aloe Vera Body Glitter (1): Available only in this holiday basket, this product contains over 50% aloe vera to soothe, soften and moisturize your skin; and vitamin E for its antioxidant properties. This non-sticky formula dries completely on your skin, and does not contain any alcohol. Wear it to highlight your best features. (use Please choose a scent for this item)

Glitz and Glam Cream 4.5 oz (1): Use our Glitz and Glam cream to add a touch of glamour during the festive season. The fine, iridescent glitter in this cream will make you shimmer and shine. This cream contains grape seed and avocado oils, both of which are excellent moisturizers. We use only natural oils and less than 1% preservative. (choose a scent using Cream Scent)

Angel Shimmer Body Powder (1): Add a touch of sparkle to the festive season with golden shimmer and iridescent glitter! This talc-free powder is incredibly soft and silky. It contains kaolin clay, the mildest of all clays, to keep you fresh all day. This formula also contains moisturizing cocoa butter. A light dusting leaves skin soft, smooth, silky - and sparkling like an Angel. This product can be used on sensitive skin. (choose a scent using Powder Scent)

Our Body Bars (1) are high in olive oil and cocoa butter. These bars are super creamy and moisturizing. (Sunkissed Cranberry)

Our super moisturizing lip balms (1) are made with shea butter and cocoa butter. (Orange Vanilla flavor)

This Holiday Bag also contains a plush Christmas tree ornament (1). The adorable critter that posed for our photo has already been adopted. The actual critter in your basket will vary.

Christmas card (or other season's greetings card) (1). Personalize the card with your own greeting.

Substitutions: Please use the Substitutions box to let us know if you want to substitute another soap or lip balm.

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