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[ Foot Therapy Christmas Basket  ]
Foot Therapy Christmas Basket
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What a wonderful surprise for Christmas! This festive basket comes stuffed with these wonderful foot care goodies (quantities are in parentheses):

The pumice in our Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub (1) removes the dry, rough skin from your feet and softens calluses. Olive oil and shea butter naturally replenish moisture, leaving your feet soft and smooth. This product has the refreshing scent of rosemary and mint.

The healing Shea Butter Foot Cream (1) contains 20% shea butter. It will refresh tired and aching feet while softening dry, rough skin. Shea butter is a wonderful moisturizer, while liquid silk amino acids leave your skin silky smooth.
Choose from one of two scents. Both scents contain peppermint for natural cooling. One contains lavender to control odor, the other has the fresh scent sweet orange essential oil.

Our Bath Soaps (1) are high in olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. These bars are super creamy and moisturizing. (Dead Sea Salt and Mud Therapy)

White Loofah Slippers (1): These slippers gently exfoliate your feet as you walk. The band on the top is stretchy, so they hold snugly on your feet. (Choose size small or large)

White Cotton Lycra Spa Socks (1): These white cotton socks help our moisturizing creams do their work! Although they can be used any time of day, they are usually worn overnight.

Wooden Slat Soap Dish (1): This wooden slat soap dishes is designed to let your soaps dry out between each use, to maintain their original texture and make them last longer. Made of wood, with foam strips on the bottom to help prevent the dish from slipping.

Nail Brush with Pumice Stone (1): This Scandinavian-styled nail brush has six rows of bristles on one side, and a pumice stone on the other. This two-in-one grooming tool is both handsome and practical.

The basket also contains a plush Christmas tree ornament (1). The adorable critters that posed for our photos have already been adopted. The actual critter in your basket will vary.

Christmas card (or other season's greetings card) (1). Personalize the card with your own greeting.

Substitutions: Please use the Substitutions box to let us know if you want to substitute another soap or other products of equivalent value.

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