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[ Stuffed Christmas Sock - GBXMa ]
Stuffed Christmas Sock
Product Code: GBXMasSock
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Items stuffed into Christmas Sock What a wonderful surprise for Christmas! This cute hanging sock comes stuffed with these body care goodies (quantities are in parentheses):

Body Oil Spray (1): Formulated with Vitamin E and highly emollient moisturizers like rosa mosqueta oil, evening primrose oil, meadowfoam oil and jojoba oil. This sumptuous formula soothes and hydrates skin on contact, helping to bond precious moisture to the surface. This oil absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky without being greasy. (use Please choose a scent for this item)

Glitz and Glam Cream 4.5 oz (1): Use our Glitz and Glam cream to add a touch of glamour during the festive season. The fine, iridescent glitter in this cream will make you shimmer and shine. This cream contains grape seed and avocado oils, both of which are excellent moisturizers. We use only natural oils and less than 1% preservative. (choose a scent using Cream Scent)

Our Lemon Swirl Glycerin Soap (1) is made with cocoa butter and shea butter.

Our super moisturizing Lip Balm (1) is made with shea butter and cocoa butter. (Orange Vanilla flavor)

Our wonderful Solid Perfume (1) is made with jojoba oil and rosa mosqueta oil, so it lasts longer than alcohol-based perfumes. Packaged in one of six lovely reusable tins. (choose a scent using Perfume Scent)

The sock is topped off with a plush Christmas tree ornament (1). The adorable critters that posed for our photos have already been adopted. The actual critter in your sock will vary.

Christmas card (or other season's greetings card) (1). Personalize the card with your own greeting.

Some assembly required :). To fit into the shipping carton the stuffers are not shipped inside the sock.

Substitutions: If you wish you can substitute another item of equal value for the items in this sock. For example, you could substitute a Soothing Goat's Milk Body Cream for the Body Oil or Body Butter, and you could substitute a different soap or lip balm. Please use the Substitutions box to let us know what you want us to stuff your sock with.

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