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5 Lotion and Cream Samples
Product Code: LCLotionCreamSmpl05
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This item was created for our customers who would like to try out a variety of our lotions and creams.

Order any five 0.4 oz sample lotions or creams for the price of four!

Net weight: 2.2 oz (0.4 oz each).

Use Cream 1 to select your first lotion or cream, Cream 2 for your second lotion or cream, etc.

Because of their small size, we can't offer a choice of scents for our cream samples. That being said, if you have a particular scent or two you would like to sample, mention them in the Please choose a scent and the Scent request 2 fields. We will send one of your samples in the scents you requested if we have them in stock - but scent requests are not guaranteed! If you would like to sample our scents, we recommend ordering our heart-shaped soaps.

Note: Although 3 sample packets are shown in the photo, this item consists of 5 sample packets weighing 0.4 oz each.

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