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This page is intended for retailers interested in purchasing Lotus Blossom's products for resale in their own business. If you came to our site to buy our products for personal use, we invite you to visit our home page or shop in our online retail store.

Here are the answers to many of the questions frequently asked about our wholesale program.

Q: We would like to sell Lotus Blossom's products in our store or on our website. Does Lotus Blossom offer wholesale pricing?

A: Yes, we offer a 45% discount to resellers, i.e. companies that operate traditional or on-line retail stores. Our definition of retail stores includes spas, basketeers, hotels, and other businesses that incorporate our products into their products or services.

Q: How do I get the wholesale discount?

A: Near the end of this page are instructions to apply for a wholesale account.

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement for wholesale orders?

A: Yes, wholesale orders must be over $100. This is the minimum value at the wholesale price before shipping and taxes.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity requirement for wholesale orders?

A: Yes and no - it depends on the item. Items that are scented to order must be ordered in quantities of five or more. Generally speaking, any item that asks you to choose a scent from a list with over five scents is scented to order. This includes most of our items except for our soaps, and a few of our creams and hair products that are available in just two or three scents. If you need to sample some scents, the easiest way is to purchase some soaps or heart soap samples with that scent.

Q: Which products are eligible for wholesale pricing?

A: The wholesale discount only applies to products that we manufacture ourselves. This includes all our powders and sprays, lip balms, bath soaps, glycerin soaps, shower gels, masks, scrubs, lotions and creams. See the following questions for some exceptions.

Q: Are all your products eligible for the full wholesale discount?

A:  The following products are eligible for a wholesale discount that is less than 45%:

Q: Are your sample-sized products eligible for wholesale pricing?

A: Our sample-sized products are intended to introduce our products and scents to our retail customers. We have intentionally priced them as low as possible to encourage new customers to try our products, so there is no wiggle room to discount them further. Specifically, the wholesale discount does not apply to the sample-sized lotions and creams and heart guest soaps packaged five to a bag. This is not usually an issue for our wholesale customers who operate a traditional store or spa, since their customers have the opportunity to see and smell our soaps on the shelf, and to try our creams from a sample jar. For on-line resellers, you can buy our creams and lotions in bulk to make up your own samples, or you can buy our sample-sized products in quantities of one or five at the retail price. Lots of 25 identically-scented and colored heart-shaped soaps are eligible for the wholesale discount, as well as lots of 25 bags filled with 5 hearts each. We also offer special pricing on samples if you order a single sample item with a single scent in bulk.

Q: What other products aren't eligible for wholesale pricing?

A: Our wholesale program excludes our rose soap petals and all of the items in our Spa & Accessories category. These items can all be purchased by our wholesale customers at the retail price.

Q: Can the wholesale discount be combined with the other discounts and special offers in your store?

A: Sorry, but the wholesale discount applies to the regular retail price, and cannot be combined with our special pricing and promotions intended for our retail customers. Specifically, our wholesale customers are not eligible for any offers to get free products with their orders, nor for percentage discounts above and beyond the wholesale discount, nor for free shipping. On occasion we may offer an extra discount on specific items aimed at our wholesale customers (e.g. to clear out seasonal items). You will be notified of any special discounts by e-mail, and they will be listed in the Wholesale category of our on-line store.

Q: Does the wholesale discount apply to shipping?

A: No, the discount does not apply to shipping - our shipping prices covers our actual costs for packaging, shipping and insurance. Our store software does a fairly good job of calculating shipping based on weight and location for orders under 65 lbs (30 kg). For larger orders, we will calculate the shipping manually and provide a quotation. If you would like to use your own carrier, we will try to accommodate your preference. In that case we charge any pre-payment we make to the carrier, plus $1.50 plus 10 per lb. for handling.

Q: Can anyone who places an order over $100 buy Lotus Blossom products at wholesale prices?

A: No. Our wholesale program is intended only for retailers interested in marketing and selling our products. We know that our resellers invest money and effort to sell our products, and it would be difficult to motivate retailers to make this investment if we subsequently undercut them by selling our products to their biggest customers at wholesale prices.

Q: Are the retail products you wholesale packaged for resale?

A: Yes, the items you buy at wholesale are exactly the same as the products we provide to our retail customers, in the same package and with our (or your) label, ready for resale. If the item description mentions a retail package, or the picture shows an item in a retail package, then that is what you will get. On the other hand, items not normally sold at retail do not usually include retail packaging. For example, bulk items like soap loaves and gallon jars of cream do not include retail packaging.

Q: Can you provide private label packaging?

A: Yes, we can provide products with your label. See our Private Labeling Program for details.

Q: Do you sell your glycerin soaps by the loaf?

A: Yes, our glycerin soaps are available by the loaf. Uncut loaves are made-to-order, so the turnaround time can be a bit longer than our usual one to two days. See the Full Loaf of Glycerin Soap in our on-line store for more information.

Q: Do you sell your bath soaps by the loaf?

A: Because of the high amount of cocoa butter in our body bars they must be cut within 24 hours or they become too hard to cut.  Also, keep in mind that cold processed soap must be cured for six weeks before being sold. Because of these factors we do not usually sell our body bars by the loaf. If you wish to sell our body bars deli-style we will accommodate you. We can make the loaves to order and ship them two days after manufacture, so they will be hard enough to not get damaged during shipping. We will ship them as a whole loaf or sliced to our usual size of 1". Allowing two weeks for shipping, you will have to inventory them for an additional four weeks before selling them. If you order the loaf un-sliced you will require appropriate equipment (e.g. a two handled cheese knife works well) to cut the soap. Pricing per soap is about 10% less than packaged soaps. Details will be provided upon request.

Q: Do you sell your products in bulk?

A: Yes, you can purchase most of our products in bulk. Our powders, creams, sprays, shower gels and scrubs are all available by the gallon (4 litres), unscented or with a single scent. Bulk products do not include retail packages nor labels. Please ask for a quotation.

Q: Do you sell on account?

A: No. Our standard payment terms are Cash Before Delivery (CBD). For large orders or for items made to order (i.e. soap loaves and gallon jars), our payment terms are Cash With Order (CWO).

Q: Do you accept credit cards and PayPal for payment of wholesale orders?

A: Yes we do, and we do not add a service fee if you pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Q: Do you accept payments in Canadian funds?

A: Yes we do, but since our storefront software can only accept payments in US funds, we ask our customers who want to pay in Canadian funds to choose the option to pay by check during order checkout, and then remit the equivalent amount in Canadian funds. You can either send us a check, make a bank transfer, or ask us to send you a PayPal invoice in Canadian dollars. Although you could use a Canadian credit card or draw funds from a Canadian bank via PayPal during order checkout to pay for the order in US funds, the credit card company or PayPal will charge you at least a 2% spread to convert the funds to Canadian. We will convert the order amount at the prevailing exchange rate, thereby saving you the cost of currency exchange. See Other Payment Methods for additional details and a currency converter.

Q: Do you have a printed catalog?

A: No, we do not have a printed catalog. All of our product information is on our website. If there is any information you think should be included on our site, please let us know.

Q: I would like to try out some of your products before committing to a $100 order. Can I get any free samples to help me make up my mind?

A: We are a small company competing in a market dominated by industry giants. We know we can't possibly afford to compete head to head with the big name cosmetic manufacturers. While they have high prices and multi-million dollar marketing budgets, our marketing strategy is just the opposite. We keep our marketing costs low, and put all our effort into product development, high quality ingredients and customer service. This means, however, that we don't have a marketing budget for advertising, free samples, and printed catalogs.

We know that it's difficult to evaluate products over the Internet, which is why we introduced our heart guest soaps and packet-sized creams and lotions. These items are priced very low so a retail customer can try out a variety of our products with an order under $20 including shipping. If you're considering our products for resale, but you haven't tried them yet, this is one way to sample our products.

Another way to sample our products is to buy one of our Wholesale Samplers. We have put together two bundles of items, a small one for $45-$55 and a larger one for $70-$80 (please see our store for the current prices). These samplers are in the Wholesale category of our on-line store, which is only accessible by our wholesale customers. You can only buy these items after your wholesale account has been approved, but you can view these items in the Wholesale category of our catalog before your account is approved.

Q: Do you drop ship?

A: No, we do not usually ship orders directly to your customers. The objective of our wholesale program is to enable us to reduce the number of orders we have to process and increase the average order size so we can manufacture in larger quantities at a lower cost. We cannot achieve these objectives if we have to process drop shipments. On the other hand, we understand that there may be circumstances where it does not make sense to ship a large order across the country to you, only to have it shipped back the other way to your customer. Therefore, we will accommodate occasional drop shipments of large orders as part of an ongoing relationship with a wholesale customer. As an alternative to drop shipments, see our affiliate program.

Q: Do you sell your products on consignment?

A: No, we do not sell on consignment.

Q: Can we return items purchased at wholesale?

A: Yes and no. Yes, defective products can be returned for refund or replacement; and no, we do not otherwise accept returns of product sold for resale.

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Yes, we offer an affiliate program to our wholesale customers.

Q: How do I apply for a wholesale account?

A: If you have not already created an account in our on-line store, use the Login / Create Account link on the top of the navigation bar in our store to create an account. E-mail us at to let us know your login name, your company name, and other information about your company such as your website and which of our products you are thinking of reselling. If your company is not listed in the Yellow Pages, please send us some other evidence that you are a reseller such as your tax number. We will e-mail back to let you know if you are eligible for a wholesale account, and if so, we will convert your account in our store to a wholesale account.

Q: OK, so now I have a wholesale account. How do see the wholesale prices and get the wholesale discount?

A: After you have been approved as a reseller, when you log in to our store using your Account ID you will see the discounted prices and the additional categories and items available only to our wholesale accounts. Items you place in your basket will be priced at the discounted prices that you see. Be aware that any items you put in your basket before you log in will be priced at the retail price, so please log in before you place your order. If you do make a mistake an put items in your basket before you log in, use the Basket Contents link to remove the items with the wrong prices from your basket.


Still have questions? We love questions! Your questions help us improve our products and our website. Just send us an e-mail and we will try to answer all your questions.

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