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This page is intended for retailers interested in purchasing Lotus Blossom's products for resale in their own business. If you came to our site to buy our products for personal use, we invite you to visit our home page or shop in our online retail store.

Here are the answers to many of the questions frequently asked about our private labeling program.

Q: Can you provide private label packaging?

A: Yes, we can provide products with your label. We can take one of two approaches.
1. Use a hang tag or label similar to ours, but customized with your company name and logo. This option is the easiest and best for small quantities.
2. Use labels to your own specifications, printed by you or a third party on the label stock of your choice.
These options are covered in further detail below.

Q: Is there a minimum order for private label packaging?

A: While we do not have a minimum order for private labeling, this service is only available to our resale customers who purchase more than $2,500 per annum. If you can't meet that volume because you are planning to carry a limited number of products, we can also offer private labeling if you order more than $1,500 per annum, and at least 50 of each SKU that has a private label per year.

Q: Is there a charge for private label packaging?

A: Other than the setup charge for short runs, there is no extra charge for products with your labels unless your label is more expensive to produce. However, because of the significant up-front cost to set up private labeling, we ask for a $150 deposit if you have ordered less than $1,500 of products from us in the past year. This deposit will be applied to your first order that exceeds $1,500 cumulative orders from Lotus Blossom, within the twelve months following the start of the private labeling program. If you don't order $1,500 of products within one year of starting the private labeling program, then you forfeit the deposit. Add the deposit to your first order that contains products with private labels using Private Labeling Program Deposit.


Option 1: Use the Lotus Blossom hang tag or label with a customized logo and company name

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement for a customized hang tag or label? What is the setup charge for?

A: We print eight to thirty identical hang tags or labels at a time (smaller labels are printed in larger quantities), so we can print custom labels economically for small orders. However, the labels for one product can't be used on another, nor for another customer, so we expect to use a minimum of fifty labels per annum for each unique label design, and more than five on any one order. Therefore, we charge a $2.00 setup charge for label runs where fewer than five of any unique label are used on the same order. For example, if you order three of product A and two of product B, there will be two setup charges totaling $4.00. Keep in mind that most products have the scent printed on the label, so for those products all five must have the same scent to avoid the setup charge. The setup charge is usually not an issue, since wholesale accounts must order scented items at least five at a time, so most products are ordered five at a time anyway.

Q: How do I add the setup charge to my order?

A: After you log in using your wholesale login ID, our storefront will unhide a product category called Wholesale. In that section is a Private Label Setup Charge you can use to add the charge to your order.

Q: What do your hang tags look like?

A: Our hang tags are about 1/8 of an 8.5" x 11" page in size; i.e. about 4" wide and 2.5" high unfolded. Since they are folded in half, they have four 2" w x 2.5" h panels. The front panel has a graphic with the company name and product name. The inside left panel has the company name on top with a corporate statement underneath that is identical on every tag. The inside right has the product name with a description of the product. The back panel has the ingredient list, sometimes has the scent, net weight, "Made in Canada", and our website URL.

Q: What do your labels look like?

A: Our labels are one of four standard sizes: 4" x 2" (or 4.125" x 2"), 4" x 1.33" (or 4.125" x 2"), 2" x 2", and 2" x 1.33", depending on the size of the product. Our labels contain the brand name, product name, sometimes has the scent, net weight, a description of the product, ingredient list, "Made in Canada by Lotus Blossom Inc.", and our website URL. The larger tags may also have a logo and a corporate statement that is identical on every label.

Q: How do you customize the hang tags and labels, and what information do you need from me?

A: We leave the general layout and wording of the tag or label alone, and just substitute your information into our existing template. Specifically, we substitute your graphic, company name, corporate statement and URL. You need to supply this information to us. Here are the details:

Graphic: The graphic (your logo) on the front panel of the hang tag is exactly 1.84"w x 2.3"h. If you scan your logo at 300 dpi, that works out to 552w x 690h in pixels. At 245 dpi it's 450w x 562h, at 200 dpi it's 368w x 460h, at 150 dpi it's 276w x 345h, and at 95 dpi (minimum acceptable resolution) it's 175w x 219h. We will overlay the graphic with your company name (if it is not already part of the graphic) and the product name. In our design we put the company name on the top and the product name on the bottom, but they could be both on the top or bottom, depending on the graphic. We will require a suitable graphic from you of the exact size. A non-compressed format like .bmp, .tif, or .pcx is preferred to maintain image quality. The graphics on labels are smaller, so they typically do not have the company name nor the product name. We will give you details of the graphic size required for each label.

Company name and font: Our company name or brand name appears as logotype on top of the corporate statement. Up to 18 letters fit comfortably, although we could probably squeeze in more using a smaller font. The product name uses the same font as the company name. Let us know what font you want to use, and the company name (with our without Ltd., Inc., etc.).

Corporate statement: The corporate statement only appears on hang tags, and should be about 30 - 60 words. Our 36-word statement is about as long as you can get using a script type of font. Longer statements will have to use a font like Arial. You can use the same corporate statement as ours, or supply your own. Our statement is:
Our products contain only ingredients of the highest quality, carefully chosen for their beneficial properties without irritating sensitive skin. Try our handmade body creams and oils, bath and shower gels, scrubs and powders, and designer soaps.

URL or Phone Number: The ingredient list will stay the same as on our tag. We will put the URL of your website or your phone number instead of ours. Let us know what you want us to use.

Q: What if I need some help to supply the necessary information or graphics. Can you provide technical support?

A: We can provide technical support if required on a consulting basis. Our billing rate is $50.00 US / hour. We will provide an estimate before we start, but charges will be based on the actual time spent.


Option 2: Use a totally customized label printed by you or a third party

Q: I would like to design my own label, what options do I have?

A: For this option you either provide us with ready-to-use labels that we will apply to our standard packaging, or we will supply you with our product in bulk for you to package and label yourself.

Q: Is there a minimum order requirement if I supply the labels to you?

A: No.

Q: I want to print the labels myself in small quantities, but I don't want to get involved in having to purchase, sterilize and fill containers. Instead of sending the labels to you, can't you just send me unlabeled products in retail packages so I can label them at our store?

A: This option is not possible, since it is illegal for a manufacturer to ship unlabeled cosmetic products in retail packaging.

Q: How do I go about creating my own labels?

A: Before you make your own labels, you should be aware of the labeling requirements stipulated by the FDA. Requirements in Canada are similar. Keep in mind that if you use sticky labels instead of hang tags, you will need to either create two labels for each product (front and back), or a long label to wrap around. The label must include an ingredient list, which we will supply to you. However, be aware that we reserve the right to change our product formulations without notice. Some packages use a vertically oriented label, and others use a horizontal one. If you supply the labels to us to put on our packaging, be aware that we reserve the right to change our packaging without notice (and so do our packaging suppliers). Because of these factors we recommend that you do not print more than a three-month supply of labels.


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